Ankr Token Up 35%: The Latest Crypto Hotshot Battles Cryptocurrency Competition With Its Unique Multi-Chain Distributed Infrastructure

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The team behind Ankr is aiming to create a platform that facilitates the use and trade of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions. Why do people love ANKR?

– It’s the only Crypto that can be used to buy things in the real world;
– The value is pegged to gold, so it’s stable and relatable;
– The price is going up.

Price of Ankr Up 35%, Second Best Gainer on Ankr’s price gained 35% today, making it the second best performer on, after Gitcoin. 

ANKR is the 10th most traded cryptocurrency today with a market cap of $1.55 billion and a trading volume of $2.65 billion. Why is it growing in price, and what’s the hype about? Let’s find out.

Ankr is a multi-chain distributed infrastructure that enables easy development of applications and rewards. It combines a node platform, staking, and DFI.

Some of the most popular coins to stake on Ankr include MATIC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, and DOT. Ankr provides a higher rate of return over traditional staking because it leverages 11+ chains for optimal earnings.

For developers, Ankr has comprehensive documentation and an easy-to-use public RPC API layer that spans over eight chains. With Ankr developers can build multi-chain dApps and utilize the power of Ankr.

What’s Driving Ankr Price Up? 

Ankr announced its Polkadot Parachain Launchpad on November 8th, allowing users to participate in DOT crowdloans via Ankr’s StakeFi platform.

In spite of the announcement, Ankr’s price did not show much movement after the announcement, moving sideways at $0.13. Today, we saw ANKR’s price peak at $0.19, approaching its previous all-time high of $0.29 that it set back in March.

Due to a lack of recent news explaining today’s pump, tread with caution. It could be due to an influx of new users or to a delayed reaction to November 8th’s announcement.

On Ankr’s official Reddit subreddit yesterday, a thread claimed not to FOMO in ANKR and to wait for a retracement before buying in. It said:

“ANKR rose against the entire market fall. The low market cap strongly indicates whale manipulation / pump & dump. Be careful. If you’re in for the long run. HODL. If not… don’t jump on right now. 20¢ is a retrace threshold. A crashing selloff is expected.”

There is no relevant recent news about Ankr, and its trading volume amounts to $2 billion for a crypto with a market cap of $1 billion.

Even so, Ankr’s multi-chain infrastructure is unique, and its staking services are designed to be more efficient. There’s no question that Ankr is a great long-term hold for 2022. However, when buying based on emotion, you are more likely to dilute your crypto holdings.

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