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1.45% daily for 14 days

Enhanced initial plan for beginners to obtain the necessary investment skills

Minimal investmens
Maximal investmens
$ 11.14


1.65% daily for 42 days

Regular investment Plan to receive passive income on daily basis

Minimal investmens
Maximal investmens
$ 27.85


4.00% daily for 54 days

Professional Investment Plan for skilled private equity experts

Minimal investmens
Maximal investmens

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Investment Portfolio

If you’re a beginner, you should use this plan first to become an investor who has appropriate experience and skills to use investment instruments and make proper investment decisions.

Daily Profit, % Deposit Term Minimal deposit Max deposit
1.45% 14 days 0.010000
($ 11.14)

This is the balanced and accurate plan for investors, who want to have passive income associated with high technologies and overall progress and worrying about future and environment saving.

Daily Profit, % Deposit Term Minimal deposit Max deposit
1.65% 42 days 0.025000
($ 27.85)

Investment plan for real experts in personal financial management and private equity, who have the free funds and who want to earn enough money of modern life based on green technology and financial innovations, on daily basis.

Daily Profit, % Deposit Term Minimal deposit Max deposit
4.00% 54 days 1.400000

Getting extra profit on the Bitcoin mining

Blockchain technology moves from promising innovative approach to stable developing cryptocurrency market. It happens because more and more key players of the worldwide financial ecosystems invest in Bitcoin. And if earlier global payments services, insurance and other financial markets were available for direct investments just for corporations, now these opportunities are open for private equity.

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