Ceresion Platform Web 3.0 Crypto Ecosystem & CERN Token Explained: Smart Contracts & Protocols to Boost The Usage & Adoption of Defi in Brazil

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Cryptocurrencies have been making waves in the financial world and beyond, with the potential to usher in an era of new digital assets. However, the crypto ecosystem has been lagging behind in terms of adoption and integration. In order to take the next step in its evolution, we need a smooth transition from the current iteration of the blockchain to the decentralized Web 3.0. Cryptoassets, like DFINITY Stablecoins, can accelerate this transition by paving the way for more robust, user-friendly and interoperable blockchain platforms that are easy to understand and use. That’s where the Ceresion Platform and its Ceresion Cern token come in. The Ceresion Ecosystem offers a suite of tools and services that streamline the process of onboarding new users and facilitating secondary market trading of digital assets.

Anchex, the crypto exchange platform, will launch Ceresion CERN token’s IEO

Ceresion Web 3.0 Main Objectives

Ceresion, a trustworthy and innovative crypto exchange, has announced the beginning of its initial exchange offering (IEO) on the well-known crypto exchange platform. From April 11th until April 14th, Singapore time, the IEO will begin

As can be seen in the table, the IEO will also provide significant discounts on the native token. For example, anyone investing $200 during the IEO will receive a 10% discount. A native token may also be used to generate passive revenue via staking incentives.

Ceresion is trying to revolutionize the world of fintech with its defi revolution. In the Ceresion ecosystem, Defi 2.0 and Web 3.0 are being developed. As an intermediation platform, it facilitates transactions between traders and clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The BscScan platform’s native digital coin is BKG, which will power the ecosystem. The BKG token will be used as a utility token inside the Ceresion ecosystem, including but not limited to reward and cashback, as well as payments of Ceresion fees, commissions, and services. Due to the fact that this is its primary purpose, it will adhere to the rules and procedures established by the Ceresion team when used to pay for services and fees.

Holders of BKGs can also earn discounts on items and services from partners that participate in the BKG & Ceresion Partnership Program, which will be distributed and updated on the project website. The value of BKG will be determined by the issuance regulations that will be announced shortly after the publication of this document, and that will have a floating nature based on supply and demand from the moment of issue. By utilizing the BKG token, discounts, promotions, and access to a product or service within the Ceresion ecosystem would be provided.

Ceresion – The Largest Decentralized Ecosystem in Latin America

In general, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were invented in order to achieve what banks had previously been unable to do, namely, to bank the unbanked. But as the crypto market grew in popularity, the premise fell by the wayside, and the majority of prominent and widely used crypto platforms turned out to be just as centralized as banks. Cryptocurrency platform Ceresion attempts to change that. With an emphasis on banking, retail, education, and environmental sustainability, Ceresion aims to be the largest decentralized ecosystem in Latin America.

The vast majority of people around the world still don’t know much about cryptocurrencies. While some have made money with them, others have lost it in fraudulent schemes utilizing technology and the lack of financial literacy of the population. Currently, many people think cryptocurrency is largely a scam. Ceresion hopes to change that. With Ceresion, Brazil will have its first blockchain crypto platform, with few middlemen and most activities taking place on DeFi. BKG will be connected to a decentralized network of BEP 20 enabled by Ceresion, allowing more people to access decentralized, free, and fair services.

Ceresion’s mission is to make decentralized technology accessible to more individuals by reducing the number of intermediaries in the crypto economy. The use of cryptocurrency in the traditional economy will be encouraged by offering creative, safe, and cost-effective financial solutions. It intends to empower and develop all stakeholders in society through education. By fostering technology, knowledge, and cash for new projects, it will also help lift people out of poverty.

Ceresion Technology Long Term Predictions

While Web 3.0 is gaining momentum, the crypto ecosystem is becoming too fragmented and different. A handful of current protocols and decentralized platforms are expected to survive the regulatory storm, according to market analysts. Ceresion’s ecosystem seeks to play a critical role in the development of web 3.0. The smart contract ecosystem and the adoption of Defi have enabled the platform to stay competitive in Brazil.

Ceresion’s primary goal is to increase crypto usage in Brazil, while Web 3.0 is an important aspect of their vision. Ceresion’s entry could pave the way for a similar situation in Latin America since cryptocurrencies are already helping numerous developing nations in Africa.

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