Web3 Splash Crypto Prediction Pool With TSCTs Prizes, Coin Market Cap & Chainlink Integration Launched

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Data scientists and machine learners are always hungry for data and a wide variety of datasets. Industries like finance, healthcare and even social media-each has its own datasets to leverage for predictions and future insights. But, the problem with these datasets is that it is very difficult for analysts and data scientists to get hold of them. Many of them are not openly available, so they have to resort to unverified data sources and third party prediction pools to get the answers they need.

Splash Pools

Introducing Splash, a decentralised prediction pool hub covering all possible outcomes across innumerable industries and opportunities-featuring in the first version: Crypto, Esports, and Sports-all powered by Transient’s smart contract ecosystem.

Splash is bringing decentralisation and fun to prediction markets by bringing decentralisation to the users. The brand Splash is not an ordinary bookmaker trying to make money on high-priced bets.

From its inception, Transient has strived to empower the community as a cornerstone. Splash gives you access to all the information you need. Check contracts, transactions, prize pools, and more. 

It’s all up to you, you decide on how to make some crypto by using your wisdom and predicting results, or create a pool with as many participants as possible. 

By entering, you increase the chances of winning some well-deserved TSCTs. To make joining even easier and more beautiful, we will always use Transient standards UI and UX.

Here’s how you can access Splash on three major platforms:

Splash Crypto – LIVE NOW 

Transient’s platform for price predictions for your favorite projects and their tokens replaces CryptoPool. Test your skills and earn some TSCT by joining your friends in the massive pools available. 

Make predictions about the price of cryptocurrencies on quick pools, weekly and monthly candle closes or even if it’s a bull or bear market. Splash Crypto sets new standards for price prediction with coin market cap and another Chainlink integration. Join the Splash pools to win TSCT prizes and climb the Leaderboard. Will you succeed?

Splash Esports – COMING MAY 2022

Splash for Esports displays thousands of predictions and pools for your favorite titles, such as DOTA2, CS:GO, and League of Legends. 

Splash Esports allows you to actually watch the live stream of the match while challenging your friends in a private pool or defying the whole world to participate in some TSCT, how amazing is that? 

As a result of Transient’s native token, there are thousands of outcomes available across every stat on every game. Create your own pool or join someone’s pool to enjoy them. Would you like to compete with that sitting duck friend? You can do so by using the PvP feature. Through the integration of Oracle with Chainlink and the use of data providers such as Gamescorekeeper, Splash Esports brings all the fun of the Esports World to your fingertips.

Splash Sports – COMING JUNE 2022

You can find prediction pools for thousands of professional matches and tournaments on Splash for Sports. 

Can you already pick the winner of the World Cup or have an insider tip on the next MMA fight? You can either create a pool to compete with a friend or open it up to the community to make the prize pool more vibrant. 

You can also find the opportunity in the pools created by other members of the community. Use your knowledge of the world’s most famous leagues, teams, and players to predict the results and achieve glory.

What do you know about the crypto market, the next winner of Dota2 Internationals, or who will take home the World Cup? This Big Event will cover them all. With all of these options, Splash is about fun. You don’t want to miss out on the exceptional features that will provide you with an amazing experience.

Join us now!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media for info on Splash by Transient, an exciting CEX listing in May, and an updated roadmap that includes some meaningful enhancements to give you the best multi chain swap experience.  

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