New Tech: The Discord Crypto Mess Explained by CEO Jason Citron

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New Tech: The Discord Crypto Mess Explained by CEO Jason Citron

Some people want to use cryptocurrency as a form of payment but despite rumours, Discord Crypto doesn’t have any plans to include the cryptocurrency in the chat platform in the future.

Discord’s founder and CEO Jason Citron tweeted that the popular chat platform has no plans to integrate cryptocurrency. Citron had earlier mentioned such an integration, prompting a considerable backlash.

Citron provided a screenshot showing MetaMask and Wallet Connect integration within Discord in response to a Twitter user on November 8th.

Both of those services offer ways to connect to cryptocurrency wallets or decentralised apps. However, the tweet was met with nearly immediate backlash on Twitter, with 4.6k responses and 6.7k quote tweets at the time of writing.

Nitro is a service provided by Discord that costs $10 a month. Many of the respondents canceled their Nitro subscriptions immediately.

Two more days have passed and apparently the plans have changed:

Citron refers to the feature as “pre-release.”

In response to Citron’s original tweet, he writes, “Thanks for all your perspectives. Unfortunately, we have no plans to ship this internal concept. We’re currently focused on protecting users from spam, scams, and fraud.

There is much good in Web3, but there are also many problems we need to work through at our scale.

In recent years, “Web3” has become a common term to describe the collection of crypto-backed technologies and efforts of crypto bros to jam market economies into the remaining cracks in the internet.

A similar wave of nonsense is also sweeping the video game industry, with Take-Two, EA, and Ubisoft CEOs all discussing the future of “play-to-earn” games this month.

Thanks to Twitter users and angry furies, at least for now, private companies can be pressured into backing away from crypto and NFTs. 

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