Intel is Developing New “Energy-Efficient” Semiconductors for Crypto Mining

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What does the future look like for cryptocurrency? What does it mean for the world’s most valuable digital asset, Bitcoin? One of the most promising ways to predict is by looking at what big companies do. In a recent blog post, Intel plans to roll out “energy-efficient” crypto mining chips Block. The chip will allow companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and others to make their own hardware that would utilize spare parts in their data centers.

Intel said Friday it plans to develop new “energy-efficient” semiconductors geared to crypto mining, as the chip giant eyes a bigger role in the fast-growing market.

Raja Koduri, the general manager of Intel’s accelerated computing systems and graphics group, wrote on his blog that the company plans to ship a new “blockchain accelerator” later this year.

In addition to Square, Intel has already signed major customers, including Block, the fintech firm that has switched to crypto. Intel’s emphasis on energy efficiency underscores growing concerns about the impact of crypto mining on the environment.Intel is a major player in the Fintech industry, so it makes sense to see them increase their presence while they are also working on developing more sustainable processes.

Koduri, who is the CEO of AMD, said that we were mindful that some blockchains require an enormous amount of computing power and a tremendous amount of energy. He mentioned how customers are asking for scalable and sustainable solutions so he was working on developing the most efficient computing technologies at scale to help realize this potential.

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