Merchant Payment Opportunities: Fiat & Digital Currencies Accepted via Crypto POS Device Wanda Exchange

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The Wanda Exchange is a crypto POS device which offers merchants the opportunity to accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies as payment for their goods and services. This means that your customers can pay in either US Dollars or Bitcoin, saving you from having to choose one over the other when it comes time for them make their purchase.

There are many benefits of using this type of platform for business owners: faster transactions, lower fees on credit card processing (especially if they’re international), no chargebacks, better customer service through live chat support- but what stands out most about this product’s set up is its ability to bridge two worlds together by combining modern technology with physical store locations – making it easier than ever before for consumers who want access to new products at an affordable rate while still catering those more traditional shoppers looking just wants something basic in return.

The introduction of ATMs gave people a way to use their funds. Businesses are looking to encourage the adoption of crypto by making it easy for them, and hence us, to convert our cryptos into fiat money.

The result of the most common cases was an improved consumer experience, which made complex transactions more accessible. The customers were able to spend more money on recreational activities and withdraw cash outside of banking hours. Spending impromptu purchases, executing bank transfers and going through other notable experiences became easier for them than before.

With the world moving away from cash and towards credit cards, debit cards and similar offerings like PayPal, new financial uses have arisen. As one example of this trend is shifting to digital currencies.

Users can send crypto online through the team’s web app, and then get that same amount in cash at their selected pick-up point. This process is designed to make digital currency users more comfortable by offering a familiar experience.  

Due to this model, Wanda Exchange’s native WE token will become a crucial component of the platform, offering discounted rates for payments and cash withdrawals in WE when compared to other cryptocurrencies. The benefit to users is the reduced fees that are nearly 50% less when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Wanda Exchange recently decided to become more independent and is currently working on obtaining its own EU crypto license in order to offer the service of exchanging virtual currencies against fiat currencies. The new crypto-cash exchange leverages a completely new infrastructure, especially for cash-on and cash-off ramps to cryptocurrency. In this solution, crypto users can get cash or buy cryptocurrencies directly without going through banks.

Wanda Exchange Tokens And Projects

They started their work in 2018 with software used by several partners across Thailand, and their work went on from there. Wanda Exchange started development differently than most, starting with the creation of projects and tokens second. 

In previous communications, WE tokens were promoted alongside the platform’s GokuMarket listing. However, the project team has taken a different approach after falling victim to a scam.

The Wanda exchange realized that their tokens owned by liquidity, market-making, private wallets and staking had gone missing in February 2022, with tokens being dumped on Pancakeswap (CAKE) as well as being transferred to Binance hot wallets as CAKE. 

Since then, this team has been working with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, Hong Kong Financial Services, the Treasury Bureau, the Hong Kong police, and the Estonian Finance Ministry to investigate these activities.

Wanda Exchange is stepping away from GokuMarket to protect its users from possible withdrawal complications. Instead, they will be able to purchase WE tokens from PancakeSwap and eventually from their own exchange. After becoming more independent, Wanda Exchange opened their own Exchange License for Europe, allowing them access to all of Europe, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland.As a result of recent events, the company requests that all people who still own funds on Gokumarket contact Wanda for more information about joining the class action.

Wanda Exchange continues to pursue its mission of connecting people with cryptocurrency with those without it, despite the setback. Anyone can take advantage of digital currencies regardless of whether they are a merchant or an ATM retailer.”

As of now, the Wanda Ecosystem solution is in the final stages of development, and will allow merchants to become partners of Wanda Exchange and provide more crypto-cash gateways.

Providing support for the online cash exchange

In addition to their future plans, the company in the near future plans to connect hundreds of point-of-sale systems to POS systems, which will then be accompanied by a booking system and completely usable application.

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