NFT Marketplace X2Y2 Tokenomics System Update To Encourage Fair & Transparent Order Reward Allocation For Users’ Loyalty

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tokenomics reward update

As part of its Tokenomics 2.0 program X2Y2 is reducing transaction fees to zero in the next month and returning all gas fees to buyers in an effort to encourage the listing of high-quality NFTs and reward platform users for their loyalty. 

By reducing the transaction fee to zero, the platform will contribute 624,902 X2Y2 tokens to sellers and buyers every day in order to subsidize the gas fee generated during transactions, which comes directly from the pending order reward on the NFT platform.

X2Y2 Tokenomics

X2Y2 is the native token which is listed on Uniswap.

As far as tokenomics are concerned, the total supply of 1,000,000,000 X2Y2 tokens will be available, of which 65% are used for saking rewards, 12% are used for airdrops, 10% are used for development and teams, 10% are used for treasury and ecosystem, 1.5% are used for ILO presales, and 1.5% are used for liquidity management.X2Y2 tokens are released on the following schedule.

As a staker, you can earn X2Y2 tokens as well as market fees. A total of 20% of total (200,070,000) X2Y2 tokens are distributed to users who staked their X2Y2 tokens in addition to the 65% (650,000,000) tokens dedicated for staking rewards. The Liquidity Management portion of X2Y2, 1.5% of total supply, is used to bootstrap initial liquidity, and the remaining 5,000,000 (0.5%) X2Y2 tokens will be used to provide LP staking rewards.

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