Octagon (OCT) Cryptocurrency ICO Review: Is The World’s 1st Cross-Chain Token A Good Investment?

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Octagon is an ambitious new company that focuses on cryptocurrency. The team of Octagon aims to provide a coin for everything: it will be integrated with the power of blockchain technology and use smart contracts to make transactions as safe as possible. With this, we can enjoy many different currencies in one single coin! 

Octagon works to remove the hassle of managing all of these tokens in one wallet by eliminating the plethora of coins on the cryptocurrency market. The project aims to identify and replicate successful business models in order to create and launch high-profit ventures.

The company wants to unlock the digital economy’s real market potential to cater to high consumer services like e-commerce, esports, gaming, ease of applying to government contracts and blockchain services. In addition, the company introduced a unique token containing characteristics of all top crypto tokens in the market that is designed to provide high profits for investors. 

What is Octagon?

Octagon is named after the octagonal shape comprised of eight sides. It will launch eight potential projects with unique ideas that could transform lives. DBOT is an acronym for Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer. It utilizes the latest technologies, such as esports, AR/VR, AI, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain.

Their 9-point funnel system structure business concepts in a way that emphasizes data and eliminates bias. An international presence will be facilitated by a global network of companies in the UAE and Singapore, as well as a company headquarters in the British Virgin Islands.

  • Founded in 2010, Octagon aims to uncover the true power of the digital economy.
  • $OCTA is an all-in-one crypto coin that combines the features of top coins in e-commerce, e-sports, gaming, and blockchain. The company will launch eight milestone projects to address market demands in these areas.

Eight milestone projects by Octagon

The future Octagon network will be distinct from each project attached to Octagon and will have a unique domain name. The following projects of Octagon will address different aspects of digital finance, focusing on NFT auctions and e-sports, as well as BSC generation and exchange.  

  1. The first NFT will be sold via the Octagon auction for 1000 BTC. The Million NFTs History Picture- NFT auction space with a reward-based system.
  2. A decentralized IDO platform that allows users to create their own platform and token, host private sales, and offer multi-wallet support. 
  3. Octagon Metaverse P2E Game/VR- Octagon focuses on building high-tech virtual reality games with real-world experience.
  4. A cryptocurrency exchange, a wallet, and a mobile application will be launched simultaneously by Octagon in order to ensure user trust and security. 
  5. Octa Marketcap- Similar to CoinGecko, Octa Marketcap will provide a platform for comparing different currencies and benchmarks.
  6. The Octagon Launchpad lets users launch their own tokens and get started with a token sale. Users do not need any coding skills, and it will offer listings that cover the PinkSwap, UniSwap, and PancakeSwap exchanges.
  7. An automated auction and marketplace for NFTs that will eliminate external interference and accept payments in the form of Octagon tokens or Tether (USDT) will operate this network.
  8. In Octagon Blockchain, Octagon will launch its own blockchain and create a global reputation by drawing power from all 7 of its projects. The project is the ultimate and last project of Octagon.

$OCTA token and Tokenomics

The technology company creates cross-chain trading experiences with its projects and unique all-in-one coin. It is a rare contract with 12% tax allocated to the Octagon rewards (6%) and 2% to the liquidity, marketing, and project wallets (2% each). CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap will also list the company’s token. 

Future scope

Octagon has entered its first phase and will host a private sale on March 20th, 2022. This initiative will onboard 20,000 holders on their BSC and CEX listings, concentrating on different aspects of e-sports and gaming.

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